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Welcome to Ignite Church

Our Mission is to inspire community transformation by sharing and speaking the universal language of love through service and education.

Welcome Video

We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch our Welcome Video with our Founder and Pastor Dr. Robert Howard.

Dr. Howard’s Podcast

Please join us for a Holy Spirit inspired podcast with our own Dr. Howard and his guests.


Prayer is not a religious activity; prayer is a legal activity but, you cannot understand this if you do not understand the Kingdom concept.

Prayer is not an option for the believer, prayer is a necessity…

Upcoming Ministry: TBA

Monthly Prophetic Activation Training

The Bible presents the prophets as the “ideal” person of Israel. Hence, their calling has relevance for us today. All the Bible “role models” hear & respond to God’s voice, which is the very essence of prophecy and prophetic ministry.

As a result, God raised up several companies, groups, or “school of the prophets”, that spoke the word of God in their day. In this modern time, there is still a great need for a company of “prophetic people” moving in all areas of society and the marketplace today.

Our goal is to equip, train and empower individuals who sense a call in the area of the prophetic and prophetic ministry. Training and activation sessions will be held monthly.

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